iPad Scaling: HTML5 output differs from HTML5 SCORM output

Dec 05, 2013

Hello community!

I did some testing on the iPad in IOS7, to review different screen resolutions in order to create a module. I created a module at the resolution of 1024 * 690 and noticed the 'story_html5.html'  output differs from the 'index_lms_html5.html' output. To show you an example:

story_html5.html output, which scales nice

story_lms_html5.html output, which does NOT scale nice

In the second screenshot, the module is displayed larger and does not fit nicely. Is there any way to fix this? I've tried various resolutions. But the 'story_lms_html5.html' always differs from 'story_html5.html'.

ps. I use Storyline update 4


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Gerard,

There were some fixes for the scaling issues of iOS7 within update 4, but I have heard reports of particular LMS's still experiencing scaling issues. For example, towards the bottom of this thread Dan confirms that it was a known issue in Moodle, and that " Moodle hasn't previously displayed SCORM content well on the iPad - we tried to fix that in Moodle 2.6 which was released last week and initial reports from users suggest that it is working a lot better on mobile devices."

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