Is it possible to place a button in a marker

Nov 07, 2013


I am using markers in my course.  I have them set to show all on hover.  I would like to place an button (x) in the upper right corner of the text area so when the user clicks it closed they will be brought to another slide.

I have tried several different things and nothing seems to stay within the marker's text box.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!


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Donna Morvan

Hello Sherrie,

Have you looked at using lightboxes instead? That might be the best route for what you have in mind if I understand correctly.

If not, please clarify:

1. Does anything happen when they click on a marker?

2. What does the marker contain?

3. Are you referring to the text area (label) within the marker that you wanted to put the (x) button on?



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sherrie,

By default, markers "close" when you are no longer hovering on them. The "show all on hover" behavior refers to showing the entire contents of the marker on the hover, not just the title - where if you did not have that selected the user would need to click on it as described here:

By default, when you publish your course and learners hover over a marker, the label's title pops up. If learners click on the marker, then the entire label pops up, revealing any descriptive text, media, or sound you've added.

If you want, you can change this behavior so that no clicking is necessary — when the user hovers over the marker, the entire label appears, and any sound associated with the label begins playing. To do this, just select the marker on your slide and, on theFormat tab, choose Show All On Hover.

You may want to look into setting up a trigger to the next slide based on different conditions, such as the one in this example created by Christine. 

Sherrie Adams

Donna and Ashley

Thanks so much for your responses.

My original intent was to have the label of the marker open and then put a button within the that label.  I understand I can't and truthfully I've been working on so much and it's been so long i don't recall what alternative I ended up using.

HOWEVER Donna you mentioned ligth boxes.  I can't find anything demonstrates what a light box would do for me in a course.  I've played with it in Storyline but not sure I noticed anything, perhaps I did it wrong.

Can you tell me how folks apply lightboxes in their courses?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sherrie,

A Lightbox could be used for a number of reasons, but it's built as a separate slide, that when triggers as a lightbox appears over the slide you're on. For information on how to set up a lightbox, please review this tutorial. 

Here's an example to use a lightbox to make a custom menu or an example on how to connect it to your player tabs.  This example places videos in a lightbox.

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