Is there a way to find all of the links in a course quickly?

Apr 04, 2019

Here's my issue: I have about 50 courses and I need to create a spreadsheet of all of our hyperlinks for quick testing. Is there a way, either within Articulate or within the SCORM package, that I can pull a list of all links in a course? I was hoping that maybe they'd be in one of the HTML files and I could just search for "href," but that didn't pull what I needed. Any ideas?

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Steve Gannon

Hi Samuel,

I'm not aware of a quick and easy way to find these links. Here are a couple of starting points though:

1. In the story_content folder of the published output, there is a file called "frame.xml." That file contains the URLs listed in the Resources folder, assuming your project uses the Resources folder. Also in that file, you will find any URLs that are typed directly on the slide (search for "www" or "http" or similar).

2. In the html5 > data > js folder, you will find a JavaScript (.js) file for each slide in your project (but filenames are cryptic). You can search for URLs in these files to find the hyperlink of an object on the slide, but that seems like more trouble than it's worth. It's probably easier/quicker just to go through the Triggers panel of each slide and look for Jump to File/URL triggers.

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