Is there a way to make the timeline size automatically?

Nov 06, 2014

Hello all,

What I mean by the subject is if I click on insert video, select a video that is 120 seconds long, the timeline will automatically push out to 120 seconds.  If I remove that video - the timeline stays at 120.  If I then add another video that is 130 seconds, the timeline will push out to 130.  If I remove that video - the timeline stays at 130.  If I then add a video that is 60 seconds, the timeline stays at 130.  Is there any options to make the timeline shrink to that video size.  Or is there a way if the timeline is at 130, and I remove a video, to get the end of the timeline back to say 5 secs instead of having to scroll all the way to 130, grab the end of the timeline and hold it left until it scrolls to the beginning?


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Brett Rockwood

I know how to do that; I want to know how the left arrow thing works. It's a long way to drag if you had a 5 minute video that you replaced with a 30 second one. I saw Tom K do it in a seminar and have seen it mentioned before but I always forget how it works. By using the left arrow key somehow you can make the timeline snap to the end of its longest item; that's what I'm trying to figure out how to do.


Emily Ruby

Hello David!

I just tested this in Storyline 1, and it did work as well. Once you select the end of the timeline, you must start to drag it with your mouse, then hit the left arrow key and it will jump to the shortest section of the timeline, usually about 15-16 seconds or so, then you can continue to drag it to the point you need.


I'm seeing how this works. However, for me in SL2 the movement is slow..not snapping back. I don't know why, but my timeline is extended to the 600s (sec). For testing purpose, I created a new scene in a new project. Inserted a character and it happened again. The timeline is extended in the mid 600s...crazy. I have to drag the timeline all the way back to say 10sec, MANUALLY!!!!

I must not be doing something correctly, perhaps in the initial stage.

Is there a default way to set the initial timelines to say 50s and adjust as I go?

Thank you in advance for any helps!


Ok, having "played" with the timeline issue, I have found that if I select an asset on the timeline and drag and hold the mouse from the end of the timeline. Then, drag the mouse to the left column "over the name of the asset" the timeline will speed up.

While that helps alot, its still time consuming if I have several items whose timeline extends to the mid-600s(sec).

Is there an easier way initially?

Walt Hamilton

To shorten the entire timeline, start dragging left and hit the left arrow key.

To shorten only one asset, right click it and choose timing. You will get a dialog box that allows you to enter the time directly, which is a lot faster than dragging from 600. In fact, you can select multiple items and give them all the same start time or the same length length. You can change one or the other independently, which means that items with different start times can be given the same length without changing their current start times.

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