Is there any possible to create any bar chart and pie chart

May 18, 2016

i am suresh kumar i want to know one thing is it possbile to create the bar chart and pie charts in articulate storyline if it is possible let me know. 

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Errol Muir

Phil, are you in a position to explain how to do this.  I am trying to create a bar chart to graph 6 variables in Storyline but am not an expert (or even an amateur) user of Javascript.  I've found some Javascript on chart.js which graphs numbers that have been entered but wonder if it can be done to chart the values in Storyline variables. Would be grateful for advice.

Charles Friedo

Hi Errol,

You don't need to be expert in coding to create charts, you can use any data visualization add-on.

I used ChartExpo™ to make charts in just few clicks.

ChartExpo is both an Excel and Google Sheets plugin.
What makes it so easy is that since it works perfectly with both spreadsheets, you can use it with your favorite spreadsheet.

Sharing a sample spreadsheet.

Kind Regards!