Is this a valid way using variables to trigger section completion?

The module I'm working has the basic layout of   Intro - 5 sections - End of Module.  I want them to be able to choose to go in any order of the 5 sections, as long as they have gone through each of the 5 sections.

I set up my triggers as follows on the last slide of each section to look like this -

For some reason, when I've had people test it, people are being sent to the end of module screens (9.1 Summary of AUP) when they have only gone to 3 or 4 sections.

Anyone have a guess as to why this is happening? I have things fairly locked down and a few people have told me they didn't go to the last slides and jump around.  Also, on the slide 1.3, the buttons change state and add a checkmark to show they've visited a section.

Any suggestions?


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Laura Lowden

Thanks Phil.  Looking at your story, I am creating a menu slide with lock.

I made a duplicate of my story file, and dumped my menuNUM variables and switched to the True/False variable.

I noticed that you put the Set....equal to true when the user clicks the next button.

Will it still work for me if I do Set APdone equal to true when the timeline starts (on the last slide of the section)?