Is/Will there be any way to change the default Player Style in 360?

May 30, 2018

Due to some issue in our LMS, my team has been using a very specific update version of Storyline 3 to SCORM our courses, even though we create the courses in Storyline 360. For I don't know what reason, if we don't, then there are often clashes with users who try to access the courses using IE as a web browser. So we cannot update Storyline 3.

Now, because of this new feature in SL360 - the Player Style - any time we create a brand new file in 360, we cannot open it in SL3, even if we toggle to the Classic Player.

Is there any way to change the default option for the Player Style? Or is there, perhaps, another issue entirely going on that I'm not yet aware of, separate from any caused by Player Style?

I am including a very simple file that I made in 360 that I cannot open in 3. The Player Style has been set to Classic, but of course it was originally Modern by default. And yet I cannot access it...

Thanks for looking into this.

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Crystal Horn

Hi Nate!  Thanks for sharing.  I was able to successfully open your file in Storyline 3, but I'm on update 4.  If I understand, you are unable to update to the latest Storyline 3 version.  Can you confirm what version you're on?  Go to Help > About Storyline in any project.

To stay fundamentally compatible with Storyline 360 projects, you'll have to be on the latest update of Storyline 3, even if your project doesn't contain SL360-specific features.

I'm happy to help with some of the other issues that are preventing you from updating, however.  Have you already worked with our support team?  If there's a way to support your LMS output in IE with the latest version, that would be the best bet!

Nate Campbell

Hi Crystal. Thanks for getting back to me.

I'm working on Update 1:3.1.12115.0. As I said, our LMS is too finicky to work with any other version.

I and some of my other colleagues have contacted Articulate in the past regarding this LMS-related issue, but unfortunately this has not yet been resolved. And I agree, tackling this issue would be the best way forward, as we're already using a workaround, and this latest update in 360 apparently requires a workaround within that workaround, which is all very confusing.

I can fill you in on the specific issues that we're having, if that helps. I thought that I posted an exhaustive description of this previously, but I actually don't see this in my profile, just a cursory post about it, but here goes:

If we publish for LMS using 360, it will not play on IE. We just get a blank screen. It will play in Chrome, but we are trying to make the use of IE consistent across the organization, as our LMS itself is not very compatible with Chrome otherwise. When I previously posted about this here, it was recommended that we run a test scorm, which worked fine.

The version of SL 3 that I noted above is the only thing we can use to publish successfully; any later update and we get nothing; when we attempt to play the course using IE, we just get that blank screen again.

As you can see, our current method of development is precarious and more process-heavy than we'd prefer. If you could find a way out of this, my team & I would sure appreciate it.

Let me know if you need any other information. (NOTE; earlier today I posted another, similar, topic that we are also fighting against, but this is already a long message. You can find it in my Activity).

Thanks, Crystal.

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Nate.  I found your case with Victor.  He seemed to lean toward compatibility settings in your LMS.  Did the compatibility portion of this article help?

Vic is a senior support engineer, so feel free to reply back to him directly.  He has great technical expertise and would be happy to continue troubleshooting this issue for you all.  The workaround within a workaround sounds exhausting, so we'd love to make this easier for you.  Not to mention, enable you to use the features we've added since!

Nate Campbell

Hi again Crystal. That's right, I had forgotten that I had submitted a case. I'm not sure that I had seen the article. I will dig through my past emails with Victor and see what I can find. (We have recently migrated email providers, so it might take a bit of work to relocate the thread, but I should have it somewhere). I will also share this article with our LMS administrator.

Thanks for looking into this.

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