Issue returning from a lightbox

Feb 28, 2013

I have a slide which opens a lightbox in which a series of five slides display.  On the fifth (last) slide, I want the lightbox to close and the main presentation to continue based on the value of a variable "CameFrom".  I've verified that the variable value is correct.

PROBLEM: Storyline seems to only read the initial Close lightbox trigger and then the First Jump to Slide trigger.  If the variable value isn't equal to that first jump to, no jumping happens - the lightbox merely closes.

See image of triggers:

Am I going to be forced to not use lightboxes?  Help, please.

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Patrick  O'Connell

Hi Christine,

I'm having the same problem. I want a variable to change when I go to a lightbox slide but it doesn't seem to work. I know the variable is set correctly because it functions when I apply it to different slides and layers.

Any help for us out there? I created a substitute lightbox using transparancies but it would be nice if I could just set up the slide to go to a lightbox and leave it at that.  

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Christine and Patrick,

In Christine's case, I think the "Jump To" triggers aren't firing because they're on the actual lightbox slide. The trigger itself would fire inside the lightbox, if it wasn't closed. To see what I mean, remove the close trigger and the lightbox slide should jump to the other slides. In order for the initial slide to jump to a slide, it would need something to pull from - that trigger is called in an entirely different slide, so when you return to the base slide there's no way for it to "call" that trigger - there's no interaction. 

Patrick, it doesn't quite sound like you're doing the same thing, but I may be wrong. Your last statement gives me the impression you want to adjust a variable when a lightbox is opened, correct? Can you give a little more information on this, please?


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