Issue- Text Formatting Changing on its Own

Jul 26, 2013

Is anyone else suddenly experiencing strange issues with Storyline? The last few days I have been experiencing a chronic problem in which the formatting of my text is changing on me. I had the issue on a large project a couple of days ago and had to go through the entire thing and re-format text boxes. After a few weeks working on the project, out of the blue I opened it up and many of my text boxes were out of position and had reverted back to the Articlate font (vs. the set font of Tahoma) and had increased in size. Everything appeared correctly in the slide menu to the left but when the slide was clicked on, things would be out of place. I also had several text boxes that I would click on and suddenly the text box would expand out to 2000-3000 pixles wide. I contacted support and provided the file but have only been getting responses about copying from word (which we do, but we remove the formatting and it has never caused a problem in our other 100+ courses over the last year), system settings on my end, file names, etc. I finally just went back and manually fixed everything (which took me a couple of hours).

Then, yesterday, I began a brand new project. It only has 2 slides and has only ever lived on my local drive. As of saving and closing yesterday, the titles were where they are supposed to be. Calisto MT at 18pt font, centered. All of the slide master place holders are also the correct font style and size. However, upon opening the project this morning, the first slide is suddenly out of place and at 24pt. The 2nd slide displays correctly.

Is anyone else experiencing a similar problem or other glitchy problems suddenly? I have had some other glitchy issues recently as well, just starting within the last week. I attached my 2-slide project.

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Jen MacDonald

Hi all-  I am having the same problem!  Left the files last night in perfect shape and today all of the formatting of those text boxes has changed...mostly the text is now 'unwrapped' but not for every slide.  I imported these slides directly from PPT and did very little to them once inside Storyline.  Have spend an hour already today redoing this course...does anyone have any suggestions?


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jen,

I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of formatting on your files. This thread is a bit older so I'm not certain that you've run into the same issue but we'd want to know a bit more about what version/update of Storyline you're working on, where you're housing the files (hopefully locally) and any other set ups or specific information to share. 

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