Text boxes lose size formatting

I am working in Storyline 360. Yesterday, I imported content from a PPTX and the text boxes for some slides widened off the slide (to as much as 3000 px!). I reformatted those text boxes  and saved the file to my local drive. Today, when I opened the file, many of the text boxes had reverted to their original size formatting (off the slide); however, they retained the new font formatting. 

Can anyone explain why this would happen and how I can correct it to ensure it doesn't happen again?

Thanks so much!


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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Lynn. Can you tell me if the PowerPoint file included text boxes that were on a slide master? We have an issue documented where those text boxes are resized after importing.

Let's try saving the file with a new name (Save As) to see if it clears any sticky formatting. If that doesn't work, we'd be happy to have a closer look at the file and lend a hand.