Issue when quit the test

Apr 18, 2016


It seems to be a problem with the test in storyline. When you leave the test does not store properly the score, so that when we return to the test does not recover that score and, therefore, does not accumulate to the final score, creating an error in the result.

It is a very serious problem as we are receiving incidents from our customers. 

Someone who has found this issue, has found a solution? Did You know if Articulate is working on a solution? 

Thank you

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Sheena Baksh

Hi Juanjo,

I would suggest you add a Exit Quiz button on the result slide and add a Exit Course trigger to it. When a user clicks on the Exit Quiz button and they go back to the LMS score page and refresh it, the score will automatically update.

Please make sure you go to Reporting and Tracking and pick Pass/Fail option and Track using Quiz result while publishing the quiz. 

You also need to go to Player and pick Resume. Please see the attached screenshot.

Hope it helps you.



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