Issue with 360 v3.15 and courses viewed in IE

May 14, 2018

Hello, I’m currently having an issue with courses viewed in Internet Explorer and hoping that someone could help me out.

In my team we are 3 designers and we are all using Articulate 360. All our courses are published in SCORM 1.2 and then uploaded to our Mobile LMS (Axonify). All our courses are Mobile ones but we still have many employees taking their online courses on a PC.


With our LMS, courses are shown in the LMS window directly (no pop-up/external window). Because of that we are not using any Exit button/trigger in our courses since those will close the LMS if triggered.

In order for our users to exit a course, at the end of a course (based on the number of slides viewed), the LMS will show a Continue button, below the course, that users need to click in order to close the course.

Everything was going fine and we had no issue. But recently, we find out that when me, or one of my other 2 colleagues, are publishing the SCORM files it creates a glitch in our LMS that we didn’t have previously- we are both using Articulate 360 v3.15 (more below about the exact version). When users click on the same LMS Continue button to close the course in IE, now, users are shown a pop-up saying that the course window will be close and it’s closing the LMS- since it’s closing the window (see attached screenshot).

After some troubleshooting, it seems like it’s the recent build of Articulate 360 (v3.15) that causes that issue. Reason been that when my other colleague is publishing courses using its Articulate 360 (on the v3.9 build), that issue is not present. It only shows up when courses are published using the latest build of Articulate.

It’s now causing us a lot of problems as I’m usually the one publishing our courses, and now, only him can do it.

Why is that happening? What changed between v3.9 and v3.15? How can we solve that issue?

Software version:

  • Articulate versions that triggers the issue: v3.15.15453.0 & v3.15.15581.0
  • Articulate version that DOES NOT trigger the issue: v3.9.13567.0
  • all 3 PCs are using the exact same build of Windows and IE

I also used SCORM Cloud to generate SCORM logs for troubleshooting. Maybe that could help find the issue. I used the course to generate the logs. One had been published with v3.15 (triggering the bug) and the other with v3.9 (but not present). I was hoping that maybe this could help the troubleshooting on your side:


Thanks for your help.

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