Complete/Incomplete showing Passed in LMS

Every course that I publish in SCORM 2004 3rd ed is showing as passed in my LMS (essentials LMS by eLogic).  Both courses in scorm cloud show a complete and passed status.  Am I missing something (during troubleshooting I also published in 1.2 and same results).

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Alyssa Gomez

Hey Tom,

It looks like this issue did appear in Storyline 360, and our team has it documented.

This behavior is only manifested in the HTML5 output, so using Flash first when publishing is a possible workaround.

I'll tag this discussion so we can update you with any new information!  Thanks for reaching out.

Tom Coltrain

I guess my question is: Is the reporting for my storyline 2 output correct? Because my LMS is still showing this item as passed instead of complete. So if its potentially a problem with them, I need to let them know.

SCORM Cloud shows everything as complete and passed, so I don't have a good understanding of how to further troubleshoot that. I've read through the article and tested these things.

I will also test in Flash

Thanks in advance for the help!

Tom Coltrain

Yes for both files (one created in Articulate 2 and one in Articulate 360) I am seeing both a success and completion status.

What should the success status for complete/incomplete show in scormcloud? 'Unknown'?

I attached the .story for Articulate 2 (still publishing in html5). I didn't attached for 360 because I have not started testing the flash output yet

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Tom!

You mention adding an attachment here, but I assume you must be replying via e-mail based off your signature attached here.

Replying via e-mail does not allow attachments to post to the forum thread. You are welcome to pop in and edit your signature as well as attach your file here.

If you need to share privately, you can do so here.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Shawn,

Sorry to hear that you are frustrated with this not being included in our latest update. We do try to prioritize based on user impact as you can see here and this is still high on our priority list at this time.

I see you mentioned above that you would not be able to use the Flash output, so I do not have another workaround to share regarding this.

Kenneth Weaver

Just encountered this issue with Storyline 3, and I have some additional insight that may or may not help. See the attached logs of the SCORM calls that occur for Completed/Incomplete and Passed/Incomplete.

The important bits start on line 19 for each, where they both set the cmi.success_status to passed. The only differences seem to be:

1. The Passed/Incomplete version sets the statuses a second time when clicking the exit button

2. The Completed/Incomplete version changes cmi.exit to normal when exiting (doesn't really matter, IMO, but noting it for completeness).

I looked through the code in app.min.js a bit in console to see what was going on, and I noticed that "viewedComplete:function(){return s.pass(this)..." is making the call to set passed status incorrectly.

If a fix is made, please let me know!

Shawn K

Thanks Leslie and thanks Kenneth, I understand the priorities, it just seemed like such a small fix.

To all those having this issue I have found a temporary solution. In the lms folder of your SCORM package there are two files one for Scorm 1.2 (SCORMFunctions.js) and Scorm2004 (SCORM2004Functions.js) depending on which version you publish in... at the top of that file simply change the following before you upload the zip to the server. It worked for us!

var SCORM2004_PASSED = "passed";

var SCORM2004_PASSED = "completed";

Hope this helps!