Issue with custom timer

i'm facing a problem with the custom graded question slide i have created.If i click on the try again button (which will be shown only if user can't score more than 50%), the timer resumes from last saved state (when i have clicked submit button).

Say i have clicked submit button when timer was on 50 secs.Now if i click on try again button, the timer will resume from 48 secs (50 - 2 secs).Total duaration of timer is 60 secs.

I want everything to reset to initial state if i click on try again meaning the timer will start from 60 secs again.

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Abhishek Roy

Nick Russell said:

..a simple work-around for getting your timer to restart from 60 is to add a blank slide above your exercise with a trigger, jump to next slide at start of timeline.

Your try again button can be set to jump to the dummy slide - by setting your quiz slide settings to 'reset to initial state', everything will be reset including your countdown gif. The user will see a blank slide for about half a second before being taken back to your exercise. To conceal this you can copy an image of your exercise on your dummy slide.

do i add a blank slide or layer ? if, it can be done within the same slide, that will be more helpful because i don't want to unnecessarily increase slides.Then i need to add one slide for every exercise slide.

Also i can convert that gif animation to a movie file if needed.

Everything is working fine except that timer with try again button.

Abhishek Roy

Nick Russell said:

I've just been playing with my model and I think I have found a possible solution.

  1. Make sure your slide setting is 'reset to initial state'
  2. Create a new empty layer
  3. In the empty layer insert trigger 'Jump to (your quiz slide) when timeline starts'
  4. In your base layer set your retry button to jump to this empty layer.

Jumping to empty layer and jumping back again to the base layer will re-initialise all the elements in your quiz including the movie/gif file

i have attached the story file.

the trigger for retry button is at the end of trigger panel on base layer.

Also there is no jump to layer.only jump to slide.

Abhishek Roy

the point is timeline is getting resumed from last state (when the user clicked on submit button).The trigger has nothing to do with timer.It (the trigger) is ending the quiz when timeline reaches 60 secs.The timer is just there to show time remaining to a user.I have also added a trigger to stop the timer(submit button is clicked) or start timer(when revisiting the slide) based on user interaction.

The first solution you mentioned works fine.But it's not working with layers (2nd solution).

I'll try with a movie file.I have to convert that gif anim. to a movie file then.