Issue with Drag and Drop on new ipads and iphones...



I have a client with some drag and drop interactions (AS360) that worked perfectly, until tested on the new versions of iphone and ipad.

The issue is that the whole screen moves one you select the drag item and try to move it. It can be placed, but takes a little bit of extra effort to hit the drop zone and so more likely that an incorrect drop will occur. Has anyone come across this issue? It is very recent.

I have tested this with other courses, and they also have the same issue.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Susan L

Hello, I have this problem too on ipad - and it's happening with all my drag and drop interactions (and there are rather a lot!). It was absolutely fine until fairly recently. So potentially when the ios updated?

Each time I drag a shape the whole screen moves which means I am unable to drop the shape into the correct position. I've tried to search for possible settings on the ipad itself to see if anything might be causing it but not found anything. I've also tried using a different browser - chrome instead of safari and the issue still persists.

However, I have tried it on an older ipad which is using an older ios and it's fine. 

I tried your test project on the newer ios and that worked. So I'm completely at a loss for what to do. My courses are running using the desktop version of Articulate Storyline 2. Would updating to 3 help??


Alyssa Gomez

Hey Susan! You shouldn't have to upgrade to Storyline 3 for the drag and drop interaction to work well on an iPad. Let's see if we can sort this out!

I created a sample drag and drop slide using Storyline 2 Update 13. Then I published it for Web and tested it on iPad iOS 11.2 using Safari. Everything worked well there! 👌

Could you test this link on your iPad and let me know how it goes?

Susan L

Hi Alyssa, thanks for getting back to me. I upgraded to Storyline 3 and now the drag and drop issue I had is working with my project that I just tested - but when I tried yours above, it had the issue again - very odd!

But I have a new problem - in that when I press a button on the slide, the web page the storyline project is on jumps to the bottom.

I can't work out if this is all related to Storyline or the latest ios update  - or possibly a combination of both (or even my ipad!). It's definitely a very recent issue.

Thanks for your help.

Alyssa Gomez

Hey Susan, 

Thanks so much for sticking with me on this! Now I'm seeing the issue clearly in iOS 11.4. Check out this screen recording I made on my iPad. I'm sorry that this is slowing you down!

Let me get this issue in front of our team.  I'll keep this discussion updated with any new information I receive!

Ramos A


I´m wondering if it has been any update on this issue, allready detected and shared 11 months ago. As you might know this now not only afects to iOS 11, but aswell to iOs 12. 

In our institution we have a big amount of Story line 2 interactive activities and we are now evaluating to leave Articulate to a more depurated solution as 1 year of non providing a fix/solution for our iPad users is way a lot.

In the same level we have this issue open about Accesibility errors that hasnt been answered yet in 1.5 years, and restricts the possibility of schools looking for accesible content.

Before making our decisitons I´m wondering if it has been any progress on this.

Thanks in advance for your time to answer,