Issue with Hidden States & Triggers

Sep 16, 2015

Hello, Community. Hoping someone can assist with a minor issue. I have a shape with an initial state as hidden, a trigger that changes it to normal when the state of another shape is visited, and then I'm trying to have a third trigger to make the first shape hidden again when a user clicks on a different shape; however, the initial hidden shape still remains on the slide. I've tried a number of different things but can't seem to get this to work.


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James Hogan

Thanks Bob and Wendy. I know how to do it with multiple shapes; however, I'm trying to use the same shape. I can certainly create a second shape if necessary; wasn't sure if it could be done with the same shape.

Example: Arrow1 is hidden; trigger: change to normal when state of Rectange1 is visited; trigger: change state of Arrow1 to hidden when user clicks Rectangle2

Seems simple enough to me but the functionality isn't working.

Bob Kaart

Hi James,

The example given also uses 3 shapes.

Arrow1 - initial state to hidden
Rectangle1 - for the visisted state, triggers sets arrow1 to normal
Rectangle2 - to click on, to set arrow1 to normal

This is what the attached above does.

Which shape would you want to eliminate, so you can use 1 shape to toggle arrow1 between normal and hidden?

James Hogan

Thanks again to you both, I figured it out. When I was setting up the trigger based on Rectangle, it was falling underneath Rectangle in the trigger panel instead of Arrow1. I changed which action it should be triggered off of and now it's underneath Arrow1 commands and functioning properly. I appreciate your responses.


Timothy Petrishen

I may have figured out WHY it isn't working, but I'm still looking for a working solution.  Since I'm working with Storyline 1, the example files above refuse to open.

Here's a better explanation of what I'm trying to do:

I have a base slide with about 30 seconds of audio "instruction" that talks about a screenshot from our company software.  Then to make it more like using the software in real life, I have placed hot spots over the screen shot links.  I tell the viewer that all five links must be clicked.

Each hot spot goes to a new scene to discuss things then returns to the base slide to the RESUME SAVED STATE so that it doesn't go through the 30-second tutorial again.

What I want is a "reviewed" text field over/near the links that have been visited.  I've tried having the text field state be hidden until a variable changes to true indicating that the associated scene has been accomplished, but since I'm returning to the end of the timeline... I think that's why it is not working.

Now what do you think?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Tim,

Ah, I see - yup Storyline 2 files won't be able to be opened in Storyline 1. In regards to your set up and triggers, what is the trigger "when" element for your variable? If you do it "when variable changes" you'll need that to be happening on the slide with the trigger - so if the variable is changing on another slide it'll never execute the trigger. 

If you want to share the .story file here we'll take a look too. 

Timothy Petrishen

Yeah, Ashley, the trigger "when" is in another scene.

Rather than bogging the system down with my whole story file, this person had the same problem, though didn't mention returning to the same "home" slide at the end of its timeline.

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