Issue with Try Again option

Aug 12, 2020

I've created a fill in form for training students to complete a DEA Form 222. When I publish it, if I answer it correctly, the first time, it goes to the feedback screen for Correct. If I answer it incorrectly, I get the Try Again screen, but filling the form in properly does not give me the Correct feedback screen. It continues to give me Try Again until the ten attempts are up and then it goes to Incorrect.

The form is published here:

I've also attached the story file. I'm using Storyline 2. I had this issue on the first attempt so I started over from scratch and I'm still getting the same result. I can't figure out where my triggers are wrong. I welcome any and all help or feedback.

Edited to add the key to the Form 222

Form 222 Key

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Sam Hill

Hi Kristy, on your Submit trigger, you need to ensure that you always set 01a and 01b to False as the first trigger, and then reset your Incorrect and Correct buttons to Normal states. Otherwise, the first time 01b is found to be True (incorrect), it will always remain True (nothing resets it to False) and nothing resets the buttons to Normal. And so subsequent clicks of Submit will always result in Incorrect being selected.

I'd show you this in Storyline, but I'm on SL360.

In a nutshell:

Submit Trigger:

  1. Set 01a = False
  2. Set 01b = False
  3. Set Correct button state = Normal
  4. Set Incorrect button state = Normal
  5. Then your existing triggers....

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