Issue - Your system is too low on memory

Hi there, if anyone can help. Whenever I want to save my projects I get this message " memory too low." (see attachment). It started over a week ago and it is happening on all of the projects. I uninstalled and reinstalled as I was requested to do by the support agent, but the problem still exists. I am using another laptop and still the same issue. The support services have not been effective to date because I still have the problem as I am writing to this platform. Please if I can get any kind of help or guidance because I am losing time and money. I don't know what I am doing wrong as I am not a technical expert. 

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Bob O'Donnell

You're probably not doing anything wrong. We had to install extra memory on one of our systems here and additionally, made sure the user's temp files were cleared off their machine so they had physical working space on their hard drive. If you can, get someone to actually look at your PC and see what it may need.