Issues after Update 3

Jun 13, 2013

I have found a strange issue with my HTML5 output after Update 3. I have a click to reveal screen where the first action is (Slide triggers):

Show layer initialtext when the timeline starts

This shows a text layer, which is hidden when the learner clicks the first clickable item on the slide (to show the relevant text for that item - this stuff all works fine).

The problem is the initial text layer disappears after about 2 seconds - but ONLY IF the slide is not the last slide in the sequence. If it's the last slide or indeed the only slide, this doesn't happen. And it's only started happening since I installed Update 3. And it's only when I run story_html5 (in Chrome).

Two questions:

- can I somehow revert to Upgrade 2 for the moment? It seems to be unavailable on the website

- anyone else getting new issues when publishing previously created Storyline files after Update 3?

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