Issues experienced by learners when running Storyline courses thorugh an LMS

Apr 25, 2016

Hi All

I was wondering if anyone can advise us on issues our learners have been experiencing when running Storyline courses through an LMS. 

We have the Oracle Lerner Management System and use this to deploy learning to our employees. The issue we have been experiencing is that for some delegates although the course opens in the LMS it does not play. They in fact are left with a blank screen. (see the attached screenshot). 

We think that this is a browser issue as generally speaking if the person has their flash player updated the course will run. However there have been instances when this does not work. As this is not a consistent issue its very difficult for us to figure out what is going wrong. 

Is there any specific guidelines around best practice we need to follow for browsers/flash players or any other combination versions supported from Articulate?



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Steve McAneney

Hi Leanne. I had lots of issues when I first introduced elearning, all caused by different things. All you need to run Storyline is flash player and a reasonable internet connection. What you are describing sounds like a flash player issue. Your IT department may have set up blockages to flash player updates, or flash itself may be blocked. Also, don't forget that different browsers need their own version of flash, flash installed for Internet Explorer won't work for Google Chrome. 

Azizi Abdullah

Not really Leanne. The best way I have found is to establish at least one computer that delivers the e-learning perfectly at the location in question, and tell the IT person "it works on that one, set up the other computers the same way!" (-; It could be an individual computer set up problem, it could be a firewall, who knows? But it sounds like flash in your case. Sorry I can't be of more help.

Julie Stelter

Hi Leanne,

I echo Steve's comments too. The end user plays a pivitol role in the success of Storyline playing effectively. There are very little publishing options for the Storyline developer. So the best practice you are looking for is specific to the organization and you need to determine it based on your IT configurations. This is a tough lesson to hear sometimes, especially if you are in a time crunch.



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Leanne, 

It's definitely hard when you can't recreate the problem to figure out what to try next - so I'm sorry to hear you've run into difficulty. 

Our recommendations and system requirements for viewing content are at the bottom of this article. You'll also want to determine if Oracle has particular browsers in which they will perform best as well to recommend those as an option. 

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