Issues in iPad with updated iOS

Jul 06, 2017

Videos are not playing in iPad. This issue has been from long time and there is no solution for this issue. Most of them are facing this issue and the community is still keep on replying to change the triggers or see the format of the triggers etc. An update came as Storyline 3 has been solving the problem of iPad issues and mobile as well, But no use. Is any idea to make videos play perfectly in iPad. Got frustrated by having this issue. How many times people need to ask the solution with the community. 

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Leslie McKerchie

Hey Vignesh,

Sorry that you are experiencing difficulty with viewing videos on iPad. I see that you shared an issue before with viewing your courses here, but looks like Phil and Vevette were able to assist you.

Could you tell me a bit more about the issue you are experiencing? I assume you are still utilizing Storyline 2? Are you able to replicate the issue in SCORM Cloud?

Feel free to share the other forum threads within the community as that can certainly assist me in understanding your report here.

Vignesh vigii

Nope i'm using Storyline 3. Again i had an issue when enter into the video slide (same issue when i made a complaint before).

Video doesn't play when we enter into that slide. Once it'll play next time it wont, it'll freezes or buffering.

I've left more than an hour still it is buffering when refresh the slide it start playing.

Vignesh vigii

Okay, here is the issue.
With StoryLine 3:

All works well till the 31st slide, the previous 30 slides have loads of videos, content and variables as well. But on the 31st slide, none of the trigger works. The video loads the first frame and stops there. If we refresh the browser, it works again, continues for a few slides and then the same issue happens again. We tried merging the slides 30 and 31 as a single video. It froze after that video on the next slide. We changed the complete content before and after, still it freezes around the same point. Not sure if there is a browser cache limitation w.r. to  ipad. The course works absolutely fine on other devices. We tried on Scrom Cloud and Moodle, same issue. we played the video with a trigger, based on time line, automatically, nothing works. In that slide, we removed all content, and just added a trigger to move to the next slide. Even that trigger didnt work. Looks like nothing works at that point. 

With Storyline 2:

The videos dont play with iPad and iOS 10.2. It freezes on the first frame and doesnt move further. The audio continues to play fine. The course works on all other versions of iPad, customer cannot update iOS as there are a lot of users with iPad and asking all of them to update is not an option.

We have developed this course both versions of storyline. As the content is confidential, I cannot share. But if you want to take a look at the course, we can share it on the user name and password to view it. 

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