Issues translating Engish Storyline File to Burmese

Mar 01, 2019


I have electronically imported word docs translating English into Burmese for several SL files. Issues arose when I tried editing one off items in the SL file.

I've tried doing this a couple of ways:

  • In some cases I can manually copy and paste the edited text from the word doc directly into the SL file no problem. In other instances, this is what occurs:

- The SL file crashes (see attachment of error message received)

- The SL file pastes what was already in the file even though I deleted it, instead of pasting what i just copied (weird). 

(This has happened even when taking it to notepad to scrub off any formatting beforehand)

  • I have also tried making a duplicate of the SL file and importing the word doc translation electronically, making corrections to the few slides needing editing and copying and pasting those into the SL master. Sometimes this works fine and other times I run into the same problems noted above (SL crashes or doesn't import the new edits.
  • Another thing I've battled with, occurs when I try to resize the text or change the text box size, the text will literally falls /breaks apart.
  • I also tried creating  a new SL file blank, manually pasting the edited text in and it crashed. (see attachment)

I'm hoping someone else has dealt with the Burmese language in SL and has some suggestions.





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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Leticia!

It sounds like you've already tried troubleshooting on your own with no luck so far. We're happy to lend a hand! I'd like to connect you with our Support Engineers so they can get to the bottom of what's happening. 

Would you mind sharing your file with the team by clicking here? They'll delete it when they're done troubleshooting. 

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