Javascript is working in Dreamweaver but not in Storyline 360

Mar 26, 2019


I am creating on an interaction where my students enter their own answers to a series of questions and then I use Javascript at the end to compile each student's answers into one document.  It's based on an older design, but I updated the script in Dreamweaver and it seems to be working there.  However, when I run it in SL 360, it won't render.  I'm no genius with Javascript, but since it's running ok in Dreamweaver, I cannot figure out why it won't in SL.  I attached the script (in MS Word) and and the SL project here.  The script is a little long, but it's pretty straightforward.  The student answers 8 questions (Answer1, Answer2, etc.) in the SL interaction.  Then the script compiles all the answers.  Just look at Slide # 10 and you'll see the YOUR ANSWERS button I use for the Javascript.  Is my script wrong somewhere?  Any feedback would be appreciated.  

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