Jerk in animation in flash version

May 01, 2017

Hi, We have created course in Articulate Storyline 2 for one of our client. After sending the final version to client we noticed that there is a jerk in animation when we run the flash version of course. When we click the replay button of the frame, the animation is running properly and there was no jerk. Also, the HTML5 version of the course is also running properly without any jerks.

Is anybody also face any such issues in Storyline 2 because when we check our previous courses, we find similar issues on the frame related to animation.

Please also find attached the .story file of the course and let me know the resolution or way around to resolve this issue.

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Benjamin Passons


I don't see any jerks in the animation when running your course from Flash Player 17 (or via HTML). I'm guessing this is something that has to do with your existing software or potentially your network. Are you running the Flash version from your hard drive or over a network? Has the client reported any of the same issues? 

Sharad Saran

Hi Benjamin,

When you publish the course and run the course, you find that there are some animation of Fly in is added. Please go next and previous you can see the same behavior in animation. But when you re-play the page, you can see the actual fly-in animation on the frame. We can say the animation is not Jerky but not complete animation will run when go next and previous. the full animation will run when we replay the page. Hope this clarify the issue.

Benjamin Passons


When looking at it again (in both preview mode and published mode) I do see a difference, but it is very subtle and doesn't look like a game stopper to me. Of course, I'm not a customer, but you guys do have a lot of objects on your screens (not knowing anything about the subject matter, the course is very well done aesthetically). I don't think there is a technical "fix" per say, it's just the nature of Storyline 2 and using so many graphics and animations. Also, there might be some hardware implications as well depending on what type of video RAM individual devices have...good luck.


Alyssa Gomez

Hi Sharad,

So sorry you're not receiving messages from our team. It looks like you didn't receive a message from us in this thread, as well. 

It looks like Robert replied to you on 5/11/17 with a link to your published course for you to test. I'll forward that message to you now--please let me know if you don't see it! You may also want to check your spam and junk folders, in case it landed there. 

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