Jump to slide trigger within a marker?

I'm using my trial so still learning.  I want to use a series of markers on an image that allow you to click on each marker for the initial information, and then click something (the same marker image, or image within the marker label, etc.) to jump to a slide or scene for more information about that topic.  Is this possible?  I added a trigger to the marker icon itself, with a condition that the marker was visited, but that didn't work. 

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Karen Wegner

I appreciate your replies!  I manually added a new 'visited' state to the marker icon, and a trigger that says to jump to new slide when the use clicks and the state of the marker is visited.  When I preview, I do see the new state, but clicking again doesn't jump to the new slide.  could I be missing something else?

Karen Wegner

I really appreciate your quick responses - thank you!  After a little trial and error, I got it to work.  I wish it were possible to use something within the label (image, etc.) as the trigger for more information, but I had to settle for the marker icon itself.  So now, if they want more information, they click the marker again, otherwise they click outside the label to go on.