Jump to the end of the timeline

Sep 19, 2014


Is there a way of jumping to the end of the timeline without having to use the seek bar?


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Martin Dean

Hi everyone, I have the same question.

I have a voice file that builds a few buttons on screen and I want to give the user the chance to quit the sound file and be given the completed build to select from (I am assuming that they will not want to hear the voice every time they enter the screen).

So I wanted a trigger to stop the media and then jump to the end frame of the timeline where all the builds will have been completed.

Walt Hamilton

When the user indicates that they want to jump to the end (by clicking something), create one trigger to pause the media, and one to change the state of each of the buttons to normal. Objects that show up later in a timeline just have their state set to hidden until the timeline reaches a certain point. Manually making them normal overrides that. If you want to show off, you can let them click again and resume the media.

Dafne Carrasco

Thanks Ashley! Walt's suggestion works, however I decided to instruct learners to use the seekbar and become familiar with the interface tools to support their learning. I was meeting a deadline for this project and didn't have time to go back and add triggers for each object on each slide. Thanks for your assistance!

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