Jump to URL/file "Display in New Browser Window" inconsistencies in mobile Safari

Sep 12, 2016

Hi everybody!

I've noticed something buggy with one of my files and wanted to know if anyone else has encountered this and had a workaround.

I'm currently using the "Jump to URL/file" trigger on a shape to display a web link in a new tab. When viewing the course's Flash and HTML5 outputs on desktop (Chrome and Safari), the function works as expected.

When I test it in mobile Safari, the function still works properly, but only when the timeline is playing. Once the timeline finishes, instead of launching in a new tab, the web link displays in the current tab. This forces the user to close out and relaunch the course.

Any insights would be appreciated, thanks!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Pete,

Interesting set up and results - I'd like to take a look at your .story file (or even just a few sample slides) to see the behavior myself. If you're unable to share, can you share a bit more information about:

  • What iOS are you currently using? 
  • What update of Storyline (Storyline 2 Update 10 is the latest)? 
  • Does that behavior occur regardless of the link - such as internal site vs. Google.com or something very public? 
  • Are you seeing it across all iPad/iPhone devices?
  • Is the link being opened at the end of the timeline automatically or by a users' click on something? Does it matter how long the timeline is? 
  • Are you hosting it in a web server or LMS? 

If you're able to upload your file here, you can use the "add attachment" button to share it with us - otherwise hope you can provide some insight on the questions above!

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