Jumping to a new slide from a lightbox

Aug 05, 2013

Hello - 

I'm experimenting with an interactive timeline for a course in a lightbox slide. I want the learner to be able to access the timeline at any point during the course to check their progress (the images will slowly turn from B&W to color as they complete each section), and once they have completed a section I want them to be able to jump to certain points of the course for review. I've been able to figure everything out -- except the last part!

My issue is with triggers for jumping from the lightbox slide to another slide within the course. Currently, depending on the order of my triggers, it either closes the lightbox (and doesn't jump back to where I want it) or it jumps to the slide I want, but inside the lightbox. Ideally, I want the lightbox to close and I want the course to jump to the slide I've designated. 

I've seen a couple threads along these lines and tried the suggestions but so far haven't been able to get this to work. Any help would be appreciated! I've attached the course as well. I haven't done any of the other triggers on the timeline slide except for the "Intro" image. 

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Sarah Olsem

I quickly mocked up a file to demonstrate the issue. When I was putting it together, I noticed to clarify the issue - is only when you are using a shape as a button with the hover and down state. This issue is apparent in both preview and published versions.

Let me know if this file displays the issue for you too.

vishal agarwal


I was use your file but my issue not resolve. I have done some changes in jump to next screen. I have done when use back to the screen from light box it will take 1.5 sec pause and then auto jump to the next screen.

Can any one check this and resolve issue. This is working fine in "Flash" version but this was not working fine in HTML 5 output. Please find attach story file.


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