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Feb 14, 2017

My latest quiz is set up so that students jump to the next question when they get the right answer. The quiz is part of a larger module with multiple scenes.

I'm finding that in some of the quiz questions, when the learner clicks the 'next question' button, the course jumps to a completely different scene. I'm not using the next buttons in the player.

This is happening in both preview mode and the LMS - but only sometimes.

Is my only solution to recreate the affected slides?

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Dana Welborn

I am having the same issue with my course. There are 6 rooms in my house, represented by 6 slides.  The "atrium"/Atr slide is the slide where I'm having issues. Initially, when the "correct" layer was closed, it would jump to an entirely different slide. I could see the red arrow in the story view pointing to that slide, but nothing happened when I hovered on it to show the trigger, and there was nothing in my triggers that would indicate a link to that slide. I ended up updating Articulate and Storyline on my computer, and the problem was still there. I created an entirely new slide to replace it and deleted the glitchy one. My new Atrium is still glitchy when it comes to closing the "correct" layer. It still jumps to a different slide - but it's a completely different slide than before and the story view does not show a link to the slide it's jumping to. Any help is appreciated!

Dana Welborn

Which trigger?

Have a great day!

Dana Welborn
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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Dana,

I see that you have triggers to submit the interaction on the layer as well. 

Do you want the layer to close and then have the user proceed or do you want the user to jump to another slide from this layer?

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Dana Welborn


 I have all the quiz "correct" layers set up to go back to the slide the user was on before the quiz question upon the click of the button. I have now changed which quiz slides were connected with which other slides, which seems to have corrected the issue. The quiz page that thought it was connected to a certain branch of slides is now in that branch of slides. Since I could not drag and drop the slide arrangement, it meant I had to adjust several different triggers to re-order the slides and to keep everything on topic once things were rearranged. Since there were no triggers to connect those slides before, I don't understand why that glitch was happening, but it's hopefully corrected now.

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