Key press triggers not working after an overlaying layer hides.

If you create a layer on a slide and create a method by which the layer is shown (I'm using a "mouse hovered over" trigger connected to a show layer action, with "restore on mouse leave" enabled), when that layer closes, any "key pressed" triggers on the underlying slide or layer will not function.

At this point, if you click anywhere on the slide the key press triggers will begin working again normally.

This leads me to believe that the layer that was previously showing still has 'focus' despite being hidden. This only seems to affect the key board triggers, because mouse click triggers obviously establish the correct focus and activate the right triggers to begin with.

Is this a bug? Is there a workaround or a way to force the underlying layer to 'grab' the focus? Is there something mystical and esoteric that I'm failing to account for?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Beverley!

Thanks for your patience and for allowing me to take a look at your demo file.

I was able to see the same behavior you are reporting here when I published your course and viewed on my iPad.

I tweaked the 'Submit' button that was displaying on the layer and simply hid it trying to sort out what was happening with this in the HTML5 output and it seems to have alleviated the issue.

Do you still have the issue in this published output on your iPad:


Ali Goulet

Hey Rasmus!

I did a really quick test for this and did notice that in Preview for Storyline 360 you have to click the window before the key press will work to advance the slide as you're describing.

However, once I published the course and uploaded it to the web to test it- I didn't have to click before pressing the key to advance to the next slide. Take a look at it here and let me know if you have to click it first.

Learning Agency  Team

Hi Ali, thank you for the reply. In your example it works. I did a web publish of my course and uploaded it, which also worked. But the issue persist on the clients LMS. Could it be the LMS publish is doing something different than the HTML? Or maybe it depends on if its running flash or html?

Ali Goulet

That's great information to have, Rasmus. Definitely a bit strange that it works on the web but not in the LMS. Thanks for letting me know that.

Would you be able to share the .story file you're working on with me so I can do some more testing? You can add it as an attachment in the thread like this: 

Also, which browser were you seeing that happen in?

Thanks again!