Keyboard use of Next button doesn't evaluate conditions

I've noticed that the Next button of the player, which I've applied conditions to in order to reveal layers, behaves differently when it's responding to the user clicking a mouse than it does when it's activated by the keyboard.

Specifically, in the attached file, using a mouse to press the Next button allows evaluation of the conditions and the file behaves as it's supposed to (revealing layers in sequence).

Using the keyboard (tab and then spacebar), pressing the Next button does not evaluate the conditions, revealing all layers at once and then instantly moving to the next slide.

Why is there a difference? Is this a bug? Can I expect to not be able to use the player buttons to reveal layers if the design needs to be accessible?

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Fiona Macelli

Interesting.  Looks like you've reversed the trigger sequence so that all but the last trigger on each run through now evaluate to false. Using the previous sequence, it evaluated correctly using the mouse but not the Next button on the player. Can you explain why the reversing helped?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Fiona,

I experienced the same thing while testing out your file in comparison to Russell's. I didn't spot any reasons why one order is working better than the other, so I'd like to share both files with our Support Team to look a bit further. They'll be in touch with you via email!