Knowledge Check keeps going to Try Again screen

Oct 28, 2022

As usual, Articulate Storyline is giving unnecessary headaches and requiring more time than expected for absolutely zero reason. You would think if a freeform question is restricted to 2 attempts, the software would be smart enough to know where to automatically go to.  There's a Try Again layer, an incorrect layer, and a Correct layer, and yet it keeps going to the Try Again layer when incorrect no matter how many times the question is attempted.


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Edward Agadjanian

I'm not free to share company content. So, I realized that the issue surfaced because I had the slide to "revert to initial state" when revisited. Okay...I adjusted it to "resume saved state," but...I hate how the free-form option/shape remains selected when the user is returned to the question.

Is there any way around that without having to "revert to initial state?"

Walt Hamilton

Against my better judgment, I will show you how to do what you asked. I say that it is against my better judgment because we know that people learn better if they can see their mistakes and correct them. That is why the built-in Try Again layer does not restart the slide. It just hides itself, so the learner can see the choices they made and correct them.

Nevertheless, if you insist on resetting the choices, it can be done. To reset the choices, you can revisit the slide, but that sets the number of attempts to 0. So you have to keep track of the number of attempts yourself. A far easier method is probably to reset the selections yourself. The attached sample shows how it might be done.

Of course, my mock-up may be nothing like what you have. If that's the case, make a sanitized sample, attach it here, and I'll take a look at it.