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Jun 27, 2013

I have a diagram that I want learners to label in freeform fashion.  I do not want to give them choices.  How can I do this in Storyline? And if I can't in Storyline, can I use Quizmaker or Engage?  This is the image.  I want them to tell me what each letter is.  Thank you!

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Katie,

Here's an example of how this can be done with a pick one freeform question. Shout out if you have any questions. I didn't use your picture - just used an illustrated character. Labels would be neck, arm, leg.

Learners of course must spell correctly - or you must include "variable" spellings in your acceptable answers.

Katie Weaver


The second video was extremely helpful, Thank you!


The story file was just what I needed to walk me through the process.  However, I am stuck on something.  How did you get the Value field to say arm?  I can't see to figure that one out.

Also, in the Trigger Wizard, how do you choose between AND/OR?

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Katie,

I should probably create a tutorial for would be easier I think to explain. But can't get to it in the near future. So, hopefully screen shots will help. So, to get to the and/or, in the Trigger wizard you first click the green plus sign to display the trigger condition box. and then click the drop-down arrow beside the And/Or text

To type indicate which variable you're wanting to define, the condition, operator, and text "value" (the "correct" text, ),

1. Make sure the variable button is highlighted, beside list

2. Click the drop-down beside "if" and choose the correct variable (legentry is shown here)

3. Click the operator drop-down and select among the 4 choices (ignore case simply means you don't care whether Learners type LEG or leg or Leg or any other upper/lower combo)

4. Leave Type as Value

5. Type the "correct" text in the value box

Be sure to continue asking questions. I can check back this evening, but then I'll be away from the forums for several days. No worries, though, because others will jump in as well.

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