Launch issues in LMS

I have published a course that will only launch in LMS as a plain white screen and no content. I’ve followed all of the troubleshooting steps available on the web and am still experiencing the issue. I’ve tested to file in the SCORM cloud and it functioned as expected. I’ve been able to upload each individual slide and successfully launch it in LMS, but not the complete course. Any suggestions?

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Katie Riggio

Welcome, Renee!

Happy to lend a hand, and smart move on testing your course in SCORM Cloud. Since your course works properly there and not in your LMS, one option is to enable LMS debug mode. This will capture the communication flowing back and forth between your Storyline course and LMS, so you can share that data with your LMS administrator to see if they can nail down the culprit.

Additionally, what LMS are you using? Your new community is filled with folks who have experience with all sorts of platforms. Someone might be using the same one and can chime in to assist!