Layer not closing properly

So my intention is, I'd like for this layer to show up if the learner clicks the purple tabs before visiting the 3 other tabs. I set up a trigger to show layer if any one of the other tabs is in normal state.

Once I did that, I also needed to set conditions for clicking on the purple tab, which I set to go to the purple tab scene only if all 3 other tabs are visited.

This seems to work fine the first time I try it out. But if I visit one of the tabs but not all, and then click the purple tab, the layer appears as normal. However, when I click on "I'm ready!" it directs to the red tab content but does not close the layer. Again, that error only happens the second time I get the layer.

Any thoughts?

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Rebekah Massmann

I'm sure that's probably it, but I can't figure out where the issue is. My file appears to be too large to upload here, but honestly that's a question I have too. I don't understand why it's so large (nearly 100mb). It's just a skeleton right now (see story view in attached screen shot). I did have a video in it before, but I deleted that out, which decreased the size minimally.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Rebekah,

If your file is too large to upload here, you're always welcome to submit a Support Case so that our team can take a look at your files and offer solutions for what you're encountering. Feel free to include a link to this forum thread to let our team know what John already suggested!