Layer on a Lightbox Slide Does Not Show Consistently

Sep 18, 2020

A frustrating mystery: A lightbox slide does not show a layer when it first appears. But close it and open again, and the layer shows just fine (as demonstrated in the linked video).

Ø  Two different, self-selected paths through the lesson

Ø  The lightbox slide shows a checklist of learner progress, click “Resources” in the header to show it.

Ø  A different layer, depending on the path chosen by the learner, is supposed to show when the timeline begins on the lightbox slide.

Ø  More and more of a visual on the lightbox slide appears, depending on how many sections of review questions the learner completes.

On starting the lesson, the lightbox slide  shows appropriately (when “Resources” in the header is clicked): the checklist displays.

Going to a question slide, still good.

Answering the question incorrectly, while the feedback layer for incorrect is showing, still good.

Answering correctly, when the feedback layer for correct is showing, there is a problem: The check list does not appear.

Close the lightbox slide and reopen (click Resources in the header), and the checklist appears as it should.

The problem seems to occur only when the feedback layer for correct answer is showing. Close and reopen the lightbox slide (while the feedback layer stays visible) and the checklist is there again.

After this happens between two and  four times (different questions), the problem corrects itself.

What is going on?

Link to Peek video:

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi John,

Thanks for sharing those details and the sample file so that we could take a look.

I was able to recreate the issue you demonstrated in your Peek 360 recording even when previewing your file.

I took a look at the slide layer properties on your lightbox slide, made some adjustments so that all the layers allowed other layers to display, and it looks like it's working as intended now.

Here's a quick Peek 360 of my adjustments and testing. I did fail to record the exact steps you took from the 'Correct' layer, but I took another look and it is working as well, so I apologize if that part of the recording is confusing.

Your file is attached.

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