Layer problems when using the seekbar

Nov 18, 2016

Hi there

I'm trying out the new Storyline 360 and was initially happy to see that videos are automatically paused when you pause the timeline of the slide and keep in sync with the timeline when you use the seekbar. But I also noticed what I think is a huge problem with layers. 


-On the base layer, I have a 1 minute timeline

-After 10 seconds, a trigger on the base layer shows layer2 with some content (the layer hides itself after an additional 10 seconds)

-If I use the seekbar to jump halfway into the slide (30 seconds), layer2 is shown even though it should only be shown when the timeline of the baselayer reaches 10 seconds and then hide again at 20 seconds

- And if I play the slide from 0-30 seconds (and layer2 is shown and hidden as intended) and then use the seekbar to go to 50 seconds, layer2 is shown again.

- Also, if I use the seekbar to pause the slide, only the base layer pauses - any layers visible at the time of pausing will continue playing 

In my opinion, this makes it incredibly difficult to create a working module that uses both layers and the seekbar function, and basically renders the seekbar function useless (or the layer function). Is there some way to fix this that I am not aware of?



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Crystal Horn

Martin, thanks again for bringing this up.  Yes, I was able to reproduce that clicking anywhere on the seekbar in the base layer (after the "show layer" trigger time) would again show the layer, and that isn't expected behavior.

As far as using the pause on the seekbar- do you have your slide layer set to allow seeking?  If not, or if automatically decided, set it to yes, and you should be able to notice that your seekbar becomes independent of the base layer timeline.

I'm giving this information and my test file to our QA team to review.  I realize that this behavior is frustrating for you, so again, I really appreciate you pointing it out.  When we have some information to share on this issue, we'll update this thread.  If you're still subscribed, you'll receive an email notification.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Martin,

Thanks for checking in. Our QA team is still evaluating this behavior, so I don't have any updates to share at this time.  We’re monitoring the way this issue impacts our customers and figuring out how a change here might fit in with other priorities. You are in the right place, and we’ll be sure to let you know any further information we have to share as soon as we can!

Mark Barham

I wanted to follow up on my post yesterday on this issue in hopes it may help in fixing the bug and helping ones using SL360. I did actually get my layers working correctly in that both the base and layer did not play audio at the same time and I could scrub the seekbar and it work correctly.

There were two 'tricks' that made the difference. One is I noticed that after I had loaded an incorrect video to the layer and then changed it, the original video timeline length remained which did not accurately show the timeline for the new video (MP4). I believe this was part of the problem. I deleted the 2nd video and reloaded it and this corrected the timeline and made the seeking work correctly. The second 'trick' i read in a similar posting (Thank you!) that she had moved the video slightly away from the beginning of the layer timeline (1 second) and this made the layer audio stop playing on top of the base layer audio when I would hit replay on the base layer.

Hopefully this can help someone.


E-learning Thinkovery

Hi, I'm experiending the same problem and have to deliver the course tonight. I don't know what to do, I have 3 interactive videos that doesn't work when using the seekbar.
What can I do ? I reached the support 2 days ago but they told me to create again the slide... which is not helping at all. The issue is still there.

Lauren Connelly

Hello E-learning Thinkovery!

I'm sorry you're still running into this issue with the seek bar! I've searched for your support case, but I do not see any recent support cases under the email assigned to this ELH profile. Would you mind sharing a case number so I can review the case? 

I want to make sure we can get this sorted out for you!