Layers and triggers in Slide Masters

Jul 25, 2012

Hi there,

First of all: thanks for this wonderful authoring software, love it

I would like to use a slide master with layers and then add a trigger to change the state of objects on the sub-layer - but it just doesn't work.

To make this more understandable:

On my slide master there is a button that should do the following:

- Change the state of objects on a slide layer (within this slide master) depending on a variable

- Show the slide layer with correct object states

Any idea how to make this work?

Thanks for your help in advance!

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Steve Flowers

Hi, Karl - 

Unfortunately, the master slide can't target states within a layer on the master slide. I've tried this six ways to Sunday and I haven't been able to break the seal. I think this is what you're asking.

One way to do this is by overlaying with another object shown in another layer. Here's an example:

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