Layers on the slide master pops up every time I click 'Next' from the lesson slide

Dec 04, 2018


In SL2, I have created a few layers on the slide master so that these info layers can be accessible globally from any slide of the lesson. There are buttons on the lesson slides and on click of these buttons, the master slide layers popup. They work just fine with show/ hide triggers I have used on the master slide layers.

When I am on the lesson slide, I click the btns to show these master slide layers to learn the info and then hide them. Then when I am ready to advance to the next slide of the lesson and try to click 'Next' btn, instead of going to the Next slide, it keeps taking me back to these Master slide layers over and over again w/o letting me go to the next slide. 

I changed the path for my 'Next' btn from relative to absolute (point to the actual slide number and not just 'Next' slide). I also have set the lesson slides reset to initial state when revisiting but it still does not work. 

Any pointers are appreciated. Thanks!


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Aparna Kolekar

Alyssa, thanks for responding to my query however, I took another approach... I added those 2 slides into a scene as part the lesson (and not slide master) and then linked it as a lightbox popup from the slide master and now it all works just fine. 

I will be happy to share a sample slide/ scene with you to find a solution to my earlier approach. Thanks again.

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