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Hi everybody,

I'm creating a slide with 5 buttons. These buttons are basically small images. When you click them, a layer will be activated with a bigger version of the image and a voice-over playing in the background. Then i have an exit button that closes the layer. This technique is used for all 5 buttons. 

What's the problem: When i have clicked button 1 and the layer has opened en the sound has played and i close it again. I have the idea that the voice-over doesn't rewind back. Cause when i click button 1 again, it doesn't play the sound no more, it's already at the end of it's timeline.

Does anybody have a idea on how to get the sound to play over and over again, everytime you click button 1. Be aware that when clicking the button the sound is in a layer that is made visible with an image. 

Any help is welcome.

Best regards,

Dick Coppus

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Annie Jean

Hi Dick and welcome to Heroes,

To achieve what you want, you need to change the properties of your slide.

Click the gear icon of the layer and change the When revisiting to "Reset to initial state".

Hope it helps and don't hesitate to post back if you need further information.

Have a nice day!


Brent Berheim

I would like to revisit this question if I might - I came up with the same solution, but don't seem to have the correct results...

What I am experiencing:

  1. If I close the layer in the middle of the narration, then when I reopen the layer, it plays from the beginning - GREAT.
  2. If I close the layer when the audio has finished for that layer, then when I reopen the layer it doesn't play the audio.  However - if I click around on the scrub bar, then the audio will play...

HELP! ;->