Learner Experience-Based Tracking Storyline xAPI Question

I want to track clicks within a slide in Storyline and from my understanding, xAPI is the thing that can accomplish that.  Here's my situation:

I have five statements on slide 1 tied to 9 modules on slide 2. If the user selects statement 1, they must complete modules 1-4 on slide 2.  If the user selects statement 2, they must complete modules 4,6 and 7 on slide 2 and so on.  How can I track which statement the employee clicked on?  Is there a way I can tell if they selected statement 1 vs. statement 2, all withing the same slide in Storyline?

Our LMS will be adding xAPI functionality early next year, but I wanted to get a jump on things in order to hit the ground running.  What do I need to consider and what don't I know that I don't know?


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Lauren Connelly

Hi Scott!

This hasn't been a feature that has made it's way to our roadmap yet! I'm happy to share this with our product team.  Would you mind sharing the challenge or pain point you'd like us to solve with the feature? I'll add your comments to our feature report and then share it with our product team! 

Andrew Blemings

For what it's worth. there's tracking that can be done with variables and triggers regarding clicks. Numerical counters that go up by one every time a certain menu option is clicked, for example.

We've had a lot of luck on my team making shape elements 100% transparent. As long as they have a fill (don't select No Fill), then they'll still be clickable. At that point, you can use them as invisible hit boxes and attach triggers.