Learner Experience-Based Tracking Storyline xAPI Question

I want to track clicks within a slide in Storyline and from my understanding, xAPI is the thing that can accomplish that.  Here's my situation:

I have five statements on slide 1 tied to 9 modules on slide 2. If the user selects statement 1, they must complete modules 1-4 on slide 2.  If the user selects statement 2, they must complete modules 4,6 and 7 on slide 2 and so on.  How can I track which statement the employee clicked on?  Is there a way I can tell if they selected statement 1 vs. statement 2, all withing the same slide in Storyline?

Our LMS will be adding xAPI functionality early next year, but I wanted to get a jump on things in order to hit the ground running.  What do I need to consider and what don't I know that I don't know?


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Andrew Blemings

For what it's worth. there's tracking that can be done with variables and triggers regarding clicks. Numerical counters that go up by one every time a certain menu option is clicked, for example.

We've had a lot of luck on my team making shape elements 100% transparent. As long as they have a fill (don't select No Fill), then they'll still be clickable. At that point, you can use them as invisible hit boxes and attach triggers.