Learner Reporting Issue with completing course and not getting credit at the end - timing out

This is the message from this learner and I do not know what the problem could be. Is there a timer setting in articulate that could be timing our learners when they have the course opened for a long period of time? if so, how do I change the setting?

learner complaint:

"I just completed this completely long training…got 100% on the quiz and then it says to close the window and I get a message that the system was timed out.

 PLEASE do something so I don’t have to redo this.  It’s taking me back nearly to the beginning and there’s no way to fast forward."

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Sam Hill

I would check with the learner how long they were in the training. Did they take a call or leave the computer for a while? It's quite common for an LMS to have a timeout function if there has not been activity for a while. I suspect there is a timeout on the LMS. Check with your LMS admin/support too and get them to confirm what the timeout is.