Leaving a text box on the screen while Screencast continues

Nov 12, 2014

Evening all,

Having a few issues with recording and screencasts in Storyline 1. Basically I have recorded me clicking multiple boxes on a webpage. Storyline has split these up into individual pages - one for each click in one of the boxes (4 in total).

However I want this to just run through these clicks and have a caption constantly on while it does and have no user interaction until it completes. I have used slide triggers to get it to run through all the 4 boxes (slides) but the caption disappears after the 1st slide ends and I want it to remain through the next 3 slides.

agggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....please help :-)

* I have attached an example of what I need to happen - The caption box on slide 1.2 to stay on screen while the screencast continues through the slides until it gets to slide 1.5 and fades out

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Nige

Ha - took a guess and got it wrong...so many times people don't say which ver of SL they are using...here is my update to your file in SL1

...so you are talking about the caption 'To restrict users...' should be on each slide 1.2 to 1.5?  I just copy/pasted it from slide 1.2 to the next 3 slides.  Not sure if that is what you mean - also not sure about the layers of captions underneath the top one (just copied the whole group). I have it fading out just before the next caption box comes in on 1.5.  You might want to check the animations of the other slides when it fades in.

Did you do the screencast inside SL using the Home > Record your screen option? If so, which option did you select (see screenshot above)

Here is my skype address wendy.farmer2111

if quicker to chat if you need more help. 


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