Lengthy inserted MP4 videos creating memory issues?

Oct 19, 2018

I'm working with a 3:45 duration MP4 video on a slide that I inserted. It's a listening exercise, and feedbacks popup at various points if you miss certain moments, or feedbacks appear if you press a button at certain moments. The feedbacks are in their own slide layers, with their own MP4 videos and buttons.

I'm running into issues on my iPad that are not happening for me in a browser (any browser) on Win 7. The symptom is that towards the end of this long running video, some of the feedback layers don't show all of the things that are part of that layer. Sometimes what's missing is a button in the feedback window, sometimes the video itself is frozen. Just really odd, not-always-consistent problems.

Because this doesn't happen on my computer, I started to wonder if this was a memory issue with iPads (or tablets in general). It's a 16GB iPad Air 1st gen, from 2013. Using the mobile Safari browser.

Have others run into other mysterious issues like this when working with somewhat longer runtimes of inserted video? It's 3:45, so not incredibly long... but I do have 7 slide layers, each with their own :05-:30 sec long videos.

Articulate folks: Any ideas on the connection to memory things here?

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Scott L

Hi Alyssa,

It's iOs 11.4.1. I was also making sure that I had no other apps or browser tabs opened in case it was related to memory usage. Additionally, I was originally using "None" for video compression, but switched to "Automatic" (and publish video quality 5) to reduce the size of the MP4.

I think it's a good idea for me to first isolate this, break it out from the big course file and into its own Storyline file. But I may very likely share via a support case, thanks so much for suggesting that!

It's a classic developer scenario where I got too used to testing on a computer, forgetting about testing on tablets until "late in the game" for this project.

I'll report back any findings today. Thanks again, Alyssa, for your notes!

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