Lightbox a Section of a Video

Nov 04, 2019

Hi guys

I am not sure if this is possible, but maybe someone has figured this one out:

I am building a compliance course. When the learner gets to the "Test your Knowledge" sections, I am using a lightbox to allow them to review the relevant course material if they get stuck on a question. This is fairly simple.

The issue I have is that one section refers to a video which the learners need to watch before they answer the questions. If they get stuck, I would like to be able to lightbox to a specific segment of the video, or to allow them to navigate to a specific section of the video (so they don't have to watch the whole thing again). The video navigation is turned off, because the first time they watch it they are required to watch the whole thing without being able to skip to the end. Does anyone know of a way to achieve this (short of cutting out sections of the video and creating separate slides for them)?

Any ideas would be really welcome!

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