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Need some help. In a course we have a created a menu as a lightbox slide. For each learning unit we have 2 buttons: to Review an to Retry.

Among other things both buttons should close the lightbox and jump to a specific slide. The issue is that although that slide is set to "resume on initial state" it dosen't start :(. Just shows the slide layout....

Can you please help?

Thanks in advance,


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Ana Victória

Hi Richard,

The slide set to resume is the "destination slide". the lightbox slide closes and the course jumps to the selected learning unit. But

To overcome this situation I moved my animation to a slide layer instead of the base layer. But this works only the first time :(

I did a small version of the course. I had to take out the videos (we shot videos to exemplify behaviors).

Please help. What I did wrong?



Rich Calcutt

Hi Ana, 

Unfortunately I found it hard to see what the problem was in your course as my foreign language skills aren't what they used to be!

However, if I had to guess...perhaps the problem is to do with your animation being on a layer instead of the base layer. If your animation HAS to be on a layer instead of the base slide, you may need to find a way of triggering that layer when the user has resumed the slide from the menu. 

I'm sorry though, I'm not sure how much I'll be able to help without understanding how the course works. 

Your course looks great though! I hope you can resolve the issue!

Best wishes, Rich

Ana Victória

Thanks Richard,

My animations started on the base layer. What happen was that when using the lightbox menu to return, the slide only showed the master slide. It didn't played.

Transferring the animation to a layer I was able to get it to play, but only once. the next time it dosen't work again :(

I'm very frustrated with this. Can anyone help (although don't understanding Portuguese )?

The dimanic is (I only let the 2 first learning units):

  1. The learner does the first LU. It has no evaluation.
  2. Does the second one. The evaluation slide adjusts the variable - FB (from Feedback) - that will be use in the menu.
  3. In the menu it will show a correct or wrong icon depending on the leaner's score. The learner can:
  • Revise ("Rever") LU1 - Closes menu and jumps to that unit
  • Revise ("Rever") LU2 - Closes menu and jumps to that unit. The score stays the same.
  • Retry ("Refazer") LU2 - Closes menu and jumps to that unit. The score and FB variable are set to zero.

Hope someone can help :(...