Lightbox slides as navigation menus

I have created custom buttons that will allow a learner to view a section menu in a lightbox slide. 

lightbox menu

Variables and states are used to show which sections have been completed. I also want to allow users to click on a section title and jump to the scene/slide selected. 

My intent is for the lightbox slide to close and the user to access the selected screen on the main page. 

However when you click on the menu item within the lightbox, the jump screen loads within the lightbox. 

not what i want it to do

How do I fix it?




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Lindsay Mueller

Hi, I am having the same problem. I would like the lightbox slide to function as a navigation that can be opened from anywhere. However,  I tried moving the order of the triggers up and down, and the lightbox still won't do what I want. Would greatly appreciate any help with this!


(This is a snippet so left/right nav buttons probably won't work all that well.)

Katie Riggio

Thanks for that recording and screenshot, Kristin!

I can see the first 'Header 1: 40 pt. Fieldwork Geo Bold' slide flashing in between – sorry that's happening! I'm scratching my head, as your triggers look good!

Would you mind sharing a few slides with me for a closer look? You can send it privately by using this link. I'll delete it after troubleshooting!