Lightboxes and Variables

May 29, 2013

on the first slide of my attachment, you should be able to click on the word Federal or State and it should take you to the respective slides.  Once the timeline has completed, it should autoadvance to the respective lightbox.  What is happening is that when you click on Federal or State, it goes right to the lightbox.  I'm not sure what is going on, so, if anyone could please help I would greatly appreciate it. 

Also, once the lightbox timeline ends, it should close and go back to the previous slide at which point the variables should kick in and display the back button to go to the menu page.  These aren't workign either.  Again, thank you to anyone who might be able to help. 

I've been looking at these slides too long !


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Annie Jean

Hi Nathan,

I have looked at your file and tried a few things. The easiest is to trigger the "back" button when clicking to see the lightbox.

I have done this with "Federal", you can see it on file attached file.

If it is possible for you, you can even change the position of the button si it is completely hidden by the lightbox slide.

Also, I have noticed that on the menu slide, some images overlap each other making it difficult to select the right element.

Hope it helps and don't hesitate to post back if you need another solution.

Have a nice day!


Nathan Chambers


Thank you for helping with this.  There are only two images that I have "linked", this is why they are difficult to select ...the only ones that are active atm are the Federal and State.  In terms of the images that are overlapped, I am going to adjust them too so that the difficulty of selecting them is removed.  Thanks for lending your eyes to this.   I'm reviewing your input now and again, thank you so much for your help!


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