Likert Style rating interaction

Mar 06, 2022

I am trying to make a rating screen that looks similar to my sample.

Users should be able to submit any one of the button choices and have it report to LMX.

What I've set up looks right, but the feedback screen is totally fake. If I try to submit the interaction 'pick many', I always get an 'incorrect' screen because I have all the buttons flagged as correct. I can't use a 'pick one' because there is no right answer.

I setup a 'Likert' interaction but can't control how it looks. The buttons are small and off to the right.

Any suggestions as to how I can make an interaction look like this but still report?

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Andrea Koehntop

Hi Charles!

Thank you for sharing a Storyline project with us! I understand that you'd like the slide you've created to also share results to the LMS. You can use a variable to track how the learner responds to this scale and then report that to the LMS.

This article, Storyline 360: How to Send the Value of a Variable to an LMS/LRS, includes steps on how to report a variable to your LMS.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions!

Charles Radanovich

Hi Andrea, My trigger didn't look like what was described in the linked article.

The trigger I used popped up when I clicked Send xAPI and I just guessed to say the learner 'answered the slide in question. 

When 'user clicks' and tied that to my custom submit button.

Do you think this might work?

Thanks, Chuck

Charles Radanovich

Hi Lauren,

I didn't use any of the coding because frankly it makes my head spin. I am not a coder at all. I found this trigger about submitting an xAPI statement and was hoping it could be as simple as that.

Any help would be appreciated as I don't want to submit the larger files to my client if this programming won't work for them. They want to be able to track which user gives which answer.

Charles Radanovich

Thanks Maria,

If I use the blank and disguise it as an end slide, does the user need to do anything more than navigate to it as they would a real end slide? Will the results be reported just by viewing the closing slide?

I have a 'finish' button on the end slide that triggers a 'complete course' action -- both as complete/passed and incomplete/failed. That was asked for awhile ago by my client's tech department.

Thanks, Chuck

Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Charles.

The Results slide will automatically have a trigger to submit the results when the timeline starts. As long as the trigger is still there, all the user has to do is visit that slide, so the trigger executes.

You also want to make sure, when publishing to LMS, that you are tracking that Results slide. 

Windows 10 (1) 2022-03-17 at 2.23.56 PM

I hope this helps!

Charles Radanovich

Thanks Maria, I have it all setup correctly, even tried a version where the Result slide is not hidden under the closing screen.

My client says there is a problem on their LMS server and had me remove all the feedback screens. I guess that was one way to deal with it! Seems a shame.

Thanks for all your help, but glad to know it's not me!