Linking to a Resource in the Course Player

Feb 26, 2021

Happy Friday!

I'm looking to add links out to documents that I have in the Resources tab.  I'm following the steps outlined in an old article (Sept 2018) "Storyline: How to Link to a Resource in the Course Player".  The documents in question are all PDF's and I'm following the steps exactly.  However, then I test it I'm getting an error "The XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it."  I did another test where I saved a word document as a PDF and it worked just fine.  Just a guess that the error I am getting is due to an error with the file I'm trying to link to?  If I just click on the Resources tab and click the document it will open, but I really want the learner to be able to access it from the page.

Any thoughts?  I'm using Storyline 360



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Lauren Connelly

Hello Geraldine!

I'm happy to help! Do you see the error message when viewing the project in the published output? If so, how are you publishing the course?

I'd also recommend testing your course in to see how the course behaves in a web environment.

If you still see the error message in the web environment, would you mind sharing the .story file with us? You can upload your course privately in a support case.

John Morgan

Hi Kalyani,

Great question! I understand you would like to know if you can add a ZIP file that has an EXE inside to the course player. I'd be happy to get you some information on that!

After testing it out on a course of my own, I saw that you can add that type of file to the course player. Keep in mind though, browser security would prevent the learner from playing the EXE. They would need to download it to their computer to run it.

I hope this helps!